Flaming Llama - iPhone Jailbreaking

dTunes, Music and Movies

dTunes is a media app in Cydia that lets you download and listen to music and movies without syncing with iTunes, and withough even using a computer at all.

Things you need:
-Safari Download Plug-In (search 'safari download' in Cydia and it should come up)

Once you download both of these, open Safari (or use dTunes's built in browser) and now you can download stuff! Here are some good websites:
Beemp3.com (free music)
Ty's iPhone help  (Movies)         

IMPORTANT---- If you are downloading something big, like a movie, go into settings, general and set auto lock to 'never'. If the screen locks, the wifi turns off, the download stops, and you have to start again.  Leave your screen on!                                                                                               

If you know how to FTP to your iPod/iPhone (explained here), dTunes is located in /private/var/mobile/Library/downloads ,so you can copy music to and from your computer.