Flaming Llama - iPhone Jailbreaking

Themed Keyboards in 3.0, 3.1.2 Firmware

This is the only way I know of of enabling themed keyboards in 3.0:

1. Download an FTP program on your computer, depending on which one you have:
winSCP (Windows)      Fugu (Mac) 

2. Install openSSH on your iPod/iPhone from Cydia.

3. Install iFile from Cydia. It says it costs money, but that is just for extra features, it is really free.

4. Download iAcces HERE and save it in my documents or somewhere you can find it easily.

5. Make sure your iPod or iPhone is connected to a wifi network.

6. Unlock your iPod or iPhone and open settings. Click on 'wifi' and hit the arrow beside your network. Now you should see your current IP address.

7. Now open winSCP or fugu and under 'host name' type your IP address. The IP address can change from time to time, so if it doesn't work just check it in settings. If your iPod or iPhone is 3.0 or 3.1.2 firmware, your username is 'root' and your password is 'alpine'. (you can change your password with terminal on your iPod or iPhone, and I'll tell you how at the bottom of this page.)  
8. Now your FTP program should be open. The window is split down the middle. Your computer's files are on the left, and your iPod/iPhone's are on the right. Look on the right side for now. There should be 3 files: Documents, Library, and Media. There should also be a blank folder on top, labeled '..' or with an up arrow on it (screenshot - I'm  talking about the folder above 'Documents'). Double click on this blank folder. This should take you to a page with lots of various folders (screenshot). Scroll through them until you find one called 'tmp'. Open this folder. Now on the left side (computer side) find the iacces file that you downloaded earlier. Do not rename it! Drag it over onto the iPhone side, into the .tmp folder that you opened. After it is finished copying, you can close the program.  Now open iFile and find the .tmp folder where you saved your iacces file.Touch it, and then hit 'installer'.

9.  After it is done installing, you can close iFile. Then open the new rainbow-colored iAcces app. It should freeze and kick you back to the home screen. This is normal. Now hold the power button and slide the slider to power off your iPod/iPhone. Once it comes back, open the iAcces again. This time it shouldn't close on you, but its still in Chinese. You have to turn off some switches and leave some on. Here is a screenshot of exactly what it should look like. Once you make the switches look like i the pictures, respring your iPod/iPhone. Now once it comes back, open cydia and search 'iacces' and download some keyboards. Only iacces ones work, the normal ones won't. The keyboard in the picture is 'iAcces MacBook Black'.

10. Once you've got some keyboards. turn one on at a time in winterboard, and close winterboard so your iPod/iPhone will respring again. When it comes back, open something with a keyboard and hit the globe icon and it should switch to your new themed one. 

Changing your openSSH password

Here is how to change your password for logging into winSCP or fugu.